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Mach 24-25, 2023The Bitcoin Village Itomu-Epe, Local Government Area Lagos, NigeriaGoogle Map


We want to teach the Village men and women of Itomu and all African’s about the empowerment and financial freedom that Bitcoin can provide to their family and businesses.

Bitcoin is the best money ever discovered by man because it is not controlled by any one person or government. Bitcoin is money for the people!

This Bitcoin Conference will be the first ever to be held at a Bitcoin School that was built from the ground up. We will be performing a ribbon-cutting cutting ceremony at this conference by the local Chieftain and his tribe.


Day 1 – The Bitcoin Village, Itomu-Epe, Local Government Area, Lagos State

Day 2 – “Hall of Odin”, Elegushi Royal Beach, Lekki Phase 1 Lagos, Lagos City

For more info and event tickets visit nigeriabitcoinconference.com

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