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Empower - Energizing Bitcoin

Bringing Bitcoin Mining to the Energy Capital of the World

March 8 - 9 2023HOUSTON, TEXAS 713 Music HallGoogle Map


Empower is the only bitcoin mining event with a focus on energy — bringing together energy, mining, finance, and other professionals in the city that powers the world. We are shutting down the streets in Houston for an iconic two-day event at 8th Wonder Brewery, where you will get to learn and network with energy producers, capital groups, miners, and other builders in the space.

Bitcoin Mining has the potential to be one of the fastest-growing industries over the next decade. We’re bringing in the most forward-thinking names to speak on topics such as natural gas and renewable mining, power generation, venture capital, institutional adoption, regulatory, and more. There will be content tracks that everyone can learn from regardless of background or experience.

For details and event tickets visit digitalwildcatters.com

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